If I should ever leave you whom I love to go along the Silent Way, grieve not nor speak of
me with, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.(I’d come—I’d come, could
 I but find a way! But would not tears and grief  NA when you hear a song or see a bird
I Loved, please do not let the thought of me Be sad…
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  Marie-Louis Roberge
   1934-09-19   1994-03-22
59 Years - 6 Months
In loving memory of Marie-Louis Roberge, husband of Pierrette Caron, died March 22, 1994 age 59 years 6 months.
Marie-Louis was a psychiatrist, who left too soon, leaving behind his wife and four children, Stéphane, Mélanie, Phipippe and Mathilde, and his litle son Mathieu that he barely had time to know.



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